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Prop House

We don't just hire props, we love our props !
Pure Energy is a prop house specialising in retro props for film and TV. From toys to computers we have a great range that add the special detail to any set.
Peter Snow & Jason Fitzpatrick Filming at the Centre for Computing HistoryNot only do we have the props but we know loads about them aswell. If you want advice on which props are most suitable, which props fit the timeframe or even need someone to wax lyrical on camera, we have the passion, the enthusiasm and the knowledge to make that special addition to your production.
We specialise in gadgets, toys, games, computers, hi-fi, music, electrical and general electronics ... We're a bunch of geeks that have loved and lived in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and have hoarded everything we picked up along the way !!
Some of our most popular items ...
Item Manufacturer Date
Astro Wars HireAstro Wars
Mixing Desk - Home Studio HireMixing Desk - Home Studio
HP Logic Analyser HireHP Logic Analyser
Simmons DrumX HireSimmons DrumX
Star Wars Figures HireStar Wars Figures
3D View-Master Hire3D View-Master
Silicon Graphics - SGI 320 HireSilicon Graphics - SGI 320
Oscilloscope HireOscilloscope Average - Well Used
Kodak DC120 Digital Camera HireKodak DC120 Digital Camera
Saisho TCM4500 HireSaisho TCM4500
JVC Midi System - DR-E22L HireJVC Midi System - DR-E22L Very Good
JVC Ghetto Blaster HireJVC Ghetto Blaster
Super Com 72 - SNES Clone HireSuper Com 72 - SNES Clone
Addo-X - Adding Machine HireAddo-X - Adding Machine Average
Pioneer LaserDisc Player HirePioneer LaserDisc Player
Sony KV-1400 14Sony KV-1400 14" Trinitron TV
Fruit Machine HireFruit Machine Average
Ferguson Pocket Colour TV - PTV 01 HireFerguson Pocket Colour TV - PTV 01 Very Good
Cybiko Extreme HireCybiko Extreme
Retro Arcade Game Machine HireRetro Arcade Game Machine Good
Ronco Buttoneer HireRonco Buttoneer Good
Ronco Record Cleaner HireRonco Record Cleaner Good
Pifco Electric Massager HirePifco Electric Massager Good
Pifco Trouser Press HirePifco Trouser Press Average
Dixons Cassette Player HireDixons Cassette Player Good
Hamlet Cigar Boxes HireHamlet Cigar Boxes Good
British Telecom - Digitel 2000 HireBritish Telecom - Digitel 2000 Average
Nera Satellite Phone - World Phone HireNera Satellite Phone - World Phone Average
70's Style Microphone Hire70's Style Microphone Good (As New)
Retro Green Screen Monitor HireRetro Green Screen Monitor Good
Newton's Cradle HireNewton's Cradle New & Boxed
Uher 4000 Report Monitor - Reel to Reel Tape Recorder HireUher 4000 Report Monitor - Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Average
Telefunken Magnetophon 75 - Reel to Reel Tape Recorder HireTelefunken Magnetophon 75 - Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Average
1/21/2" Data Tape Good
Old Sony TV HireOld Sony TV
Reel to Reel Tapes HireReel to Reel Tapes Average
Olympus C-1400L HireOlympus C-1400L
Small Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder HireSmall Portable Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Very Good
NAB 1/2NAB 1/2" Reel To Reel Tapes Good
Scalextric Formula One - Silverstone Set HireScalextric Formula One - Silverstone Set Average
Robotic Arm - Computer Controlled HireRobotic Arm - Computer Controlled Very Good
Retro Heat Change Mugs HireRetro Heat Change Mugs As New
8 Track Tapes Hire8 Track Tapes Some Excellent, Some Poor
Giant Rubik Cube HireGiant Rubik Cube Awesome!
Robot Toy HireRobot Toy
Silver Reed EX-42 Office Typewriter HireSilver Reed EX-42 Office Typewriter Good
Mini Moto - Mini Motorbike HireMini Moto - Mini Motorbike Very Good / Excellent
Sony 9-90UB - Black & White Portable TV HireSony 9-90UB - Black & White Portable TV Average
Punch Max Shoe Shine HirePunch Max Shoe Shine Good
Ferguson 3840 - Wood Effect Portable TV HireFerguson 3840 - Wood Effect Portable TV Good
Charlie Brookers' Gameswipe HireCharlie Brookers' Gameswipe
Brits Who Made The Modern World - Elite HireBrits Who Made The Modern World - Elite
Electric Dreams HireElectric Dreams
Games Britannia HireGames Britannia
The Gadget Show HireThe Gadget Show
Anglia TV News HireAnglia TV News
Locked Up Abroad HireLocked Up Abroad Documentary
Panasonic AG-7350 Medical Grade SVHS Video HirePanasonic AG-7350 Medical Grade SVHS Video Very Good
Binatone Slimline 2604 HireBinatone Slimline 2604
Convair 800 HireConvair 800
Interquartz Telephone HireInterquartz Telephone
Drysdale's Alternating and Continuous Current Potentiometer HireDrysdale's Alternating and Continuous Current Potentiometer very good 1909
Early 1900s test Equipment HireEarly 1900s test Equipment Average 1909
Odhner Model 227 Pinwheel Calculator HireOdhner Model 227 Pinwheel Calculator Good 1955
Decca Model 88 - Fifties Record Player HireDecca Model 88 - Fifties Record Player Average 1957
Sumlock Sumlomatic Comptometer HireSumlock Sumlomatic Comptometer Good 1959
The Minivac 601 Computer HireThe Minivac 601 Computer 1961
Science Journal - July 1965 HireScience Journal - July 1965 July 1965
Casio AL-2000 HireCasio AL-2000 Good 1969
JVC Videosphere - Classic 70's TV HireJVC Videosphere - Classic 70's TV Good 1970
Television Magazines - Jan to June 1971 HireTelevision Magazines - Jan to June 1971 January 1971
Akai X4000DS - Reel to Reel HireAkai X4000DS - Reel to Reel Very Good 1972
IBM Golfball Electric Typewriter HireIBM Golfball Electric Typewriter Very Good 1973
Sinclair Cambridge Programmable HireSinclair Cambridge Programmable Good June 1973
Sinclair Cambridge Calculator HireSinclair Cambridge Calculator Good June 1973
Sinclair DM1 - Digital Multimeter HireSinclair DM1 - Digital Multimeter April 1974
Altair 8800 - The First Personal Computer HireAltair 8800 - The First Personal Computer Good 1975
Commodore CBM LED Watch HireCommodore CBM LED Watch Mint 1975
Atrai PONG HireAtrai PONG Very Good 1975
Elka 103 - Calculator HireElka 103 - Calculator Very Good 1975
Sinclair DM2 - Digital Multimeter HireSinclair DM2 - Digital Multimeter Average 1975
Sinclair Oxford Scientific Calculator HireSinclair Oxford Scientific Calculator Good 1975
Popular Electronics Magazine 1975 - The Altair 8800 HirePopular Electronics Magazine 1975 - The Altair 8800 January 1975
Sinclair Black Watch HireSinclair Black Watch Average September 1975
Sinclair TV1A - Microvision TV HireSinclair TV1A - Microvision TV Average 1976
Binatone TV Master Mk 8 HireBinatone TV Master Mk 8 Good 1977
Conic TV Game - TG-621 HireConic TV Game - TG-621 Good 1977
Interstate - Mini TV Game 1104 HireInterstate - Mini TV Game 1104 Good 1977
Sands C-2500 Color TV Game HireSands C-2500 Color TV Game Good 1977
Commodore PET 2001 HireCommodore PET 2001 Good 1977
Atari 2600 VCS - Games Console HireAtari 2600 VCS - Games Console Very Good October 1977
Philips Videopac G7000 Games Console HirePhilips Videopac G7000 Games Console 1978
MB Games - Simon HireMB Games - Simon 1978
Speak and Spell HireSpeak and Spell Good 1978
Philips Laserdisc Player HirePhilips Laserdisc Player Average 1978
Battlestar Galactica Electronic Game HireBattlestar Galactica Electronic Game 1978
BT Dial Telephone & Integrated Modem HireBT Dial Telephone & Integrated Modem Very Good 1978
Asteroids Cocktail Cabinet HireAsteroids Cocktail Cabinet Average to Good 1978
Kodak EK300 - Instant Camera HireKodak EK300 - Instant Camera Average 1978
Grandstand 6000 TV Game HireGrandstand 6000 TV Game Good 1978
Binatone Visionstar 12Binatone Visionstar 12" Black & White Portable Good 1978
Philips Laserdisc Player - VP831 HirePhilips Laserdisc Player - VP831 Good 1978
Merlin - Parker Brothers Electronic Toy HireMerlin - Parker Brothers Electronic Toy Average 1978
MB Games - BigTrak HireMB Games - BigTrak Good 1979
Commodore SR4912 Calculator HireCommodore SR4912 Calculator Average 1979
Rubiks Cube HireRubiks Cube 1980
Munch Man HireMunch Man 1980
Acorn Atom HireAcorn Atom Average 1980
Stingray LCD Electronic Game - Seek & Destroy HireStingray LCD Electronic Game - Seek & Destroy Average 1980
Commodore PET 8096SK HireCommodore PET 8096SK Good 1980
Sinclair ZX80 HireSinclair ZX80 Very Good 1980
Speak and Maths HireSpeak and Maths Good 1980
Sinclair ZX81 HireSinclair ZX81 1981
Acorn BBC Micro - Model B HireAcorn BBC Micro - Model B Very Good 1981
IBM PC - Model 5150 HireIBM PC - Model 5150 Good 1981
Cooper Walker 8205 Logic Analyser HireCooper Walker 8205 Logic Analyser Good 1981
Olivetti Logos 9 Printing Calculator HireOlivetti Logos 9 Printing Calculator Good 1981
Roland TB-303 - Acid Synthesizer HireRoland TB-303 - Acid Synthesizer Very Good 1982
Commodore 64 HireCommodore 64 Good 1982
MB Vectrex HireMB Vectrex Average (Colour Overlay Missing) 1982
Northern Telecom DisplayPhone HireNorthern Telecom DisplayPhone very Good 1982
Sinclair ZX Spectrum HireSinclair ZX Spectrum Very Good 23-04-1982
Roland SH-101 - Analog Synthesizer HireRoland SH-101 - Analog Synthesizer Good 1983
Roland MC-202 Synthesizer HireRoland MC-202 Synthesizer 1983
Nintendo Entertainment System - NES HireNintendo Entertainment System - NES 1983
Commodore SX-64 - Portable Vintage Computer HireCommodore SX-64 - Portable Vintage Computer Good 1983
Radio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder - TRS-80 HireRadio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder - TRS-80 As New 1983
Hitachi CED Videodisc Player - SelectaVision HireHitachi CED Videodisc Player - SelectaVision Average (Some Marking) 1983
Philips V2000 Video Cassette Recorder - 20VR23 HirePhilips V2000 Video Cassette Recorder - 20VR23 Very Good 1983
AES Computer System - Model 7100 HireAES Computer System - Model 7100 Good 1983
Apple Lisa HireApple Lisa Good January 1983
Sinclair TV - FTV1 HireSinclair TV - FTV1 Good 16-09-1983
Apple Macintosh HireApple Macintosh Good 1984
Psion Organiser HirePsion Organiser 1984
IBM Portable PC - Model 5155 HireIBM Portable PC - Model 5155 Average 1984
Apricot Point 7 - PC Computer HireApricot Point 7 - PC Computer Good 1984
Akai AX80 - Analogue Synth HireAkai AX80 - Analogue Synth 1984
STC Executel HireSTC Executel Very Good 1984
Oric Atmos HireOric Atmos Good 01-02-1984
Personal Computer World - June 1984 - Sinclair QL HirePersonal Computer World - June 1984 - Sinclair QL June 1984
Sony SL-F30 Betamax Video Recorder HireSony SL-F30 Betamax Video Recorder 1985
BT Merlin Tonto HireBT Merlin Tonto Working 1985
The Sinclair C5 HireThe Sinclair C5 Very Good - Clean - A Few Little Marks 10-01-1985
Amstrad PC-1512 HireAmstrad PC-1512 1986
Casio RZ-1 HireCasio RZ-1 1986
Etch A Sketch Animator HireEtch A Sketch Animator 1986
Motorola 8000s  - The Original Brick Mobile Phone HireMotorola 8000s - The Original Brick Mobile Phone Average 1986
Sony BetaCam SP Video Player HireSony BetaCam SP Video Player Very Good 1986
Roland D50 Synthesizer HireRoland D50 Synthesizer 1987
Apple III Computer HireApple III Computer 1987
Compaq Portable SLT/286 HireCompaq Portable SLT/286 Average 1988
Akai S1000 Sampler HireAkai S1000 Sampler Good 1988
Toshiba T3100e - Eighties Laptop HireToshiba T3100e - Eighties Laptop Good 1988
Apple iMac G3 - Bondi Blue HireApple iMac G3 - Bondi Blue Very Good 15-08-1988
Technics 1210 Turtables & Mixer - DJ Kit HireTechnics 1210 Turtables & Mixer - DJ Kit 1989
Atari Portfolio HireAtari Portfolio 1989
Ferguson Videostar Camcorder - FC 27 HireFerguson Videostar Camcorder - FC 27 Average (Battery Missing) 1989
GRidPad 1910 HireGRidPad 1910 Good 1989
Super Speak and Spell HireSuper Speak and Spell Good 1989
Motorola 9800x  HireMotorola 9800x 1989
Sega Master System II HireSega Master System II 1990
Nintendo Gameboy HireNintendo Gameboy 1990
South Park Character Soft Toys HireSouth Park Character Soft Toys Average 1990
Sony Data Discman - DD-8 HireSony Data Discman - DD-8 Very Good 1990
Sega Game Gear HireSega Game Gear Good 1991
Tascam MSR-16 - 16 Track Reel To Reel HireTascam MSR-16 - 16 Track Reel To Reel Good 1991
Motorola 4800x Retro Mobile Phone HireMotorola 4800x Retro Mobile Phone Good 1992
Rabbit Telephones - CT2 HireRabbit Telephones - CT2 As New 1992
Nokia 101 - The First GSM Mobile Phone HireNokia 101 - The First GSM Mobile Phone Good 1992
Philips DCC 170 - Digital Compact Cassette HirePhilips DCC 170 - Digital Compact Cassette Very Good 1992
Grundig Concert Boy 240 Radio HireGrundig Concert Boy 240 Radio Average 1993
Sony CM-H333 - 'Mars Bar' Mobile Phone HireSony CM-H333 - 'Mars Bar' Mobile Phone Average 1993
Apple Newton MessagePad HireApple Newton MessagePad Very Good 03-08-1993
Amiga CD32 HireAmiga CD32 Very Good September 1993
HP 4100 Laser Printer HireHP 4100 Laser Printer Good 1994
Motorola International 8700 Mobile Phone HireMotorola International 8700 Mobile Phone Good 1994
Sony CM-H444 Mobile Phone HireSony CM-H444 Mobile Phone Average 1994
Motorola MR30 Mobile Phone HireMotorola MR30 Mobile Phone Average 1994
Fluke 9010A Micro-System Troubleshooter HireFluke 9010A Micro-System Troubleshooter Average 1994
Apple Quicktake 100 HireApple Quicktake 100 Good 16-02-1994
Sony Playstation HireSony Playstation Very Good December 1994
Military Laptop - LX1 Liaison Wotan HireMilitary Laptop - LX1 Liaison Wotan Good 1995
Nokia Communicator 9000 Series HireNokia Communicator 9000 Series Good 1996
IBM RS/6000 SP2 - Deep Blue Supercomputer HireIBM RS/6000 SP2 - Deep Blue Supercomputer Very Good 1996
Mid 90's Laptop - Toshiba Tecra 730CDT HireMid 90's Laptop - Toshiba Tecra 730CDT Good 1996
Austin Powers & Doctor Evil HireAustin Powers & Doctor Evil 1997
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 HireApple Newton MessagePad 2000 Very Good 21-03-1997
Sinclair X1 - Button Radio HireSinclair X1 - Button Radio Very Good June 1997
Motorola 8500x Mobile Phone HireMotorola 8500x Mobile Phone Average 1998
Sony Watchman - FDL-22 HireSony Watchman - FDL-22 1998
Average 90's PC Computer - HP Pavillion 4420 HireAverage 90's PC Computer - HP Pavillion 4420 Good 1998
Gameboy Printer HireGameboy Printer Very Good 1998
LIFFE Financial Keyboard (Like Bloomberg) HireLIFFE Financial Keyboard (Like Bloomberg) New & Unused 22-05-1998
Furby - Interactive Toy HireFurby - Interactive Toy June 1998
Diamond Rio - PMP300 - MP3 Player HireDiamond Rio - PMP300 - MP3 Player Very Good 15-09-1998
Sony CM-DX 1000 - Mobile Phone HireSony CM-DX 1000 - Mobile Phone Average December 1998
Sony MVC-FD90 Digital Camera HireSony MVC-FD90 Digital Camera Good 1999
Nokia 8210 - Smallest Mobile Phone of 1999 HireNokia 8210 - Smallest Mobile Phone of 1999 Average 1999
Yamaha MD4S Mini Disc 4 Track Recorder HireYamaha MD4S Mini Disc 4 Track Recorder Good February 1999
SNK Neo Geo Pocket HireSNK Neo Geo Pocket Good but Battery Cover Missing 16-03-1999
Newsweek - Bill Gates - August 1999 HireNewsweek - Bill Gates - August 1999 Very Good 30-08-1999
Year 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100 HireYear 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100 Good 2000
Nokia 3310 HireNokia 3310 Average September 2000
Sony Playstation 2 HireSony Playstation 2 Good 24-11-2000
Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop HireApple Powerbook G4 Laptop Good January 2001
Nintendo Gamecube HireNintendo Gamecube Very Good 14-09-2001
Time Magazine - October 8th 2001 HireTime Magazine - October 8th 2001 As New 08-10-2001
Time Magazine - October 22nd 2001 HireTime Magazine - October 22nd 2001 As New 22-10-2001
The First iPod - 1st Generation HireThe First iPod - 1st Generation Very Good 23-10-2001
FujiFilm FinePix 4700zoom - Digital Camera HireFujiFilm FinePix 4700zoom - Digital Camera Very Good 2002
Motorola Accompli 008 HireMotorola Accompli 008 Good 2002
Apple iMac G4 - iLamp HireApple iMac G4 - iLamp Very Good 07-01-2002
Time Magazine - September 16th 2002 HireTime Magazine - September 16th 2002 As New 16-09-2002
HP 2025 - 20HP 2025 - 20" LCD Monitor Good 2003
Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards HireIraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards Very Good 2003
Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera HireSony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera Average February 2003
iPod - 3rd Generation HireiPod - 3rd Generation Good (In Carry Case) April 2003
Nokia N-Gage HireNokia N-Gage Good 07-10-2003
Robosapien Robot HireRobosapien Robot Good 2004
iPod Mini - 1st Generation HireiPod Mini - 1st Generation Good January 2004
Sony Clie PDA - PEG-TH55 HireSony Clie PDA - PEG-TH55 Good April 2004
Motorola Razr HireMotorola Razr Good August 2004
Apple iMac G5 HireApple iMac G5 Very Good 31-08-2004
Nokia 6630 HireNokia 6630 Excellent - As New November 2004
Nintendo DS Game Cases HireNintendo DS Game Cases Very Good 2005
iPod Shuffle - 1st Generation HireiPod Shuffle - 1st Generation Good 11-01-2005
Palm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02 HirePalm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02 Very Good May 2005
iPod Nano - 1st Generation HireiPod Nano - 1st Generation September 2005
Sony PSP HireSony PSP Very Good (In Carry Case) 01-09-2005
iPod Video - 5th Generation HireiPod Video - 5th Generation October 2005
Lightning McQueen - Toy Car HireLightning McQueen