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The Centre for Computing History has been established to create a public exhibition that tells the story of the computers.
The computer museum preserves and presents a collection of important computers and related items. It spotlights the people behind the inventions and records the information necessary to inspire future generations while helping them understand how it all happened. 
Based in Suffolk, we believe The Centre for Computing History is the only computing museum dedicated to computers in the UK.
Acorn Computers
Sinclair Computers

Palm Vx PDA 3com October 1999
A-1 101 Apple II Clone A-1 Unknown
Acorn A3000 Acorn 1989
Acorn A3010 Acorn Unknown
Acorn A3020 Acorn January 1992
Acorn A4000 Acorn September 1992
Acorn A440/1 Acorn July 1989
Acorn A5000 Acorn 1991
Acorn A5000 ALB22 Acorn 1991
Acorn A5000 ALB53 Acorn 1991
Acorn A7000 Acorn Unknown
Acorn Archimedes 310 Acorn 1987
Acorn Archimedes 440 Acorn July 1987
Acorn Archimedes 440/1 Acorn July 1989
Acorn Atom Acorn January 1980
Acorn BBC Master 128 Acorn 1986
Acorn BBC Master Compact Acorn September 1986
Acorn BBC Micro Model A Acorn 1981
Acorn BBC Micro Model A Issue 1 Acorn 1981
Acorn BBC Micro Model B Acorn 1981
Acorn BBC Micro Model B + Cub Monitor & Twin Disk Drive Acorn 1981
Acorn BBC Micro Model B+ (64K) Acorn February 1981
Acorn Briefcase Communicator Acorn 1985
Acorn Collection Acorn 15th December 1982
Acorn Electron Acorn July 1983
Acorn Pocket Book II Acorn February 1995
Acorn Prototype Acorn Unknown
Acorn R140 Acorn June 1989
Acorn R260 Acorn 1990
Acorn Risc PC 600 Acorn January 1994
Acorn Risc PC 600 ACB25 Acorn April 1994
Acorn Risc PC 600 ACB45 Acorn April 1994
Acorn STB-1 Acorn Unknown
Acorn StrongARM RiscPC Acorn 1996
Acorn Xemplar Matrix NC Acorn Unknown
Amstard PenPad PDA600 Amstrad 1993
Amstrad 7826 HD40 Amstrad Unknown
Amstrad CPC 464 Amstrad 1984
Amstrad CPC 6128 Amstrad July 1985
Amstrad Mega PC 386SX Amstrad 1993
Amstrad NC100 Amstrad August 1992
Amstrad PC1512DD Amstrad 1986
Amstrad PC1640 HD20 Amstrad 1986
Amstrad PC1640 SD Amstrad Unknown
Amstrad PC2286/40 Amstrad October 1989
Amstrad PCW 8256 Amstrad September 1985
Amstrad PCW 9512 Amstrad 1987
Amstrad PPC 640D Amstrad 1988
Amstrad PPC 640S Amstrad 1988
Apple eMate Apple 7th March 1997
Apple II Apple 5th June 1977
Apple II Europlus Apple 1978
Apple II GS Apple 15th September 1986
Apple II GS "Woz" edition Apple 15th September 1986
Apple II Plus Apple 1978
Apple IIc Apple April 1984
Apple IIe Apple January 1983
Apple IIe Platinum Apple January 1987
Apple III Apple June 1980
Apple iMac G3 (Tray Loading) Apple 15th August 1998
Apple iMac G3 DV (Slot Loading) Apple 15th August 1998
Apple iMac G3/500 Apple 22nd February 2001
Apple iMac G4 Apple 2002
Apple Lisa 2/10 Apple January 1983
Apple Mac IIfx Apple 19th March 1990
Apple Mac LC Apple 23rd March 1992
Apple Mac LCII Apple 1st January 1992
Apple Mac LCIII Apple 10th February 1993
Apple Macintosh 512k Apple 9th October 1984
Apple Macintosh Classic Apple 15th October 1990
Apple Macintosh Color Classic Apple 10th February 1993
Apple Macintosh G4 Cube (M7886) Apple July 2000
Apple Macintosh IIcx Apple 7th March 1989
Apple Macintosh IIsi Apple 15th October 1990
Apple Macintosh LC475 Apple 21st October 1993
Apple Macintosh Performa 200 Apple 14th September 1992
Apple Macintosh Performa 450 Apple 4th December 1993
Apple Macintosh Performa 5200CD Apple 3rd April 1995
Apple Macintosh Performa 52400/180 Apple February 1996
Apple Macintosh Performa 5500/225 Apple 17th February 1997
Apple Macintosh Performa 6400/200 Apple 7th August 1996
Apple Macintosh Plus Apple 10th January 1986
Apple Macintosh Portable Apple 1st September 1989
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 Apple October 1992
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 165C Apple Unknown
Apple Macintosh PowerBook 180C Apple Unknown
Apple Macintosh Quadra Apple 1991
Apple Macintosh SE Apple March 1987
Apple Macintosh SE/30 Apple 1989
Apple Newton MessagePad Apple 3rd August 1993
Apple Newton MessagePad 110 Apple Unknown
Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 Apple 21st March 1997
Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60 Apple 3rd January 1995
Apple Power Macintosh 7100/66 Apple March 1994
Apple Power Macintosh G3 300 Apple Unknown
Apple Power Macintosh G4 400 Apple 31st August 1999
Apricot F1 Apricot 1984
Apricot F10 Apricot 1985
Apricot PC Apricot 1984
Apricot PC XI Apricot 1984
Apricot Point 7 Apricot June 1984
Apricot Portable Apricot November 1984
Apricot XEN Apricot October 1985
Apricot XEN-PC Apricot 1995
Apricot XI Apricot 1983
Apricot XI Prototype Apricot Unknown
AST 386SX/20 notebook AST Research Inc Unknown
Atari 400 Atari November 1979
Atari 520 STE Atari 1989
Atari 520 STFM Atari 1985
Atari 520 STM Atari 12nd September 1986
Atari 600XL Atari June 1983
Atari 800 Atari November 1979
Atari 800XL Atari 1983
Atari Mega/STE Atari 1991
Atari Portfolio Atari 1989
Atari ST Mega 1040 Tower Power Atari 1988
British Telecom Small Business Computer Type A/1A/2B British Telecom June 1982
Burroughs B25 Burroughs Unknown
Camputers Lynx 48 Camputers March 1983
Camputers Lynx 96 Camputers September 1983
Canon A-200 III HD20 Canon 1988
Canon V-20 MSX Canon May 1984
Casio FX-602P Casio 1962
Cifer 2887-Y Black computer system Cifer 1984
Cifer 1887-G Black computer system Cifer 1982
Cifer 1887-G Red computer system Cifer 1982
Cobalt Qube 2 Cobalt Unknown
Commodore 3032 Commodore 1979
Commodore 64 Commodore August 1982
Commodore Amiga 1500 Commodore 1980
Commodore Amiga A500 Plus Commodore April 1987
Commodore Amiga A600 Commodore March 1992
Commodore C16 Commodore 1984
Commodore C286-LT Portable Commodore 1990
Commodore P500 Commodore 1982
Commodore PET 2001 Commodore June 1977
Commodore PET 8032SK Commodore 1979
Commodore PET 8096SK Commodore 1980
Commodore PET CBM 3008 Commodore 1979
Commodore Plus 4 Commodore 1984
Commodore SX-64 Commodore 1983
Commodore VIC-20 Commodore 14th May 1983
Amiga CD32 Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd September 1993
Compaq Plus Portable Compaq November 1993
Compaq Portable Computer Compaq March 1993
Compaq Portable II Compaq February 1986
Compaq Portable III Compaq 1987
Compaq Portable III/386 Compaq October 1987
Compaq Portable LT/286 Compaq 1989
Compaq Portable SLT/286 1903 Compaq 1990
Compaq Portable SLT/286 1921 Compaq October 1988
Compaq Presario 3060 Compaq 1st August 1997
Compaq Presario 4122 Compaq 1996
Convergent Technologies AWS NGEN Workstation Convergent Technologies Unknown
Convergent Technologies WorkSlate Convergent Technologies November 1983
Data Designs Menta Data Designs 1981
Digital Micro PDP-11 DEC 1970
Digital PDP-11/03-L DEC Unknown
Digital PDP-11/44 DEC 1980
Digital PDP-8/E DEC 1971
DECpc 425SL/e Digital Unknown
Digital PDP-8 RLO2 Digital Unknown
Dolch 286-Pack Portable Computer Dolch Computer Systems Unknown
Dragon 32 Dragon August 1982
Dragon 64 Dragon August 1983
EG2000 Colour Genie EACA Computer Ltd 1st January 1982
EG3003 Video Genie System EACA Computer Ltd 1980
Enterprise 128 Enterprise 1st January 1984
Epson Equity LT Epson 1989
Epson HX-20 Epson November 1981
Epson PX-4 Epson 1988
Epson PX-4B Epson Unknown
LX1 Liaison Wotan European Data Systems 1995
Exidy Sorcerer II Exidy 1978
Ferranti Atlas Computer Ferranti Unknown
Ferranti Mercury Computer Ferranti Unknown
GEC 4000 Computer GEC 1973
GEC 4080 Computer GEC 1976
Enigma - Galaxy 2 Computer Gemini Microcomputers 1983
Goldstar FC-200 MSX Goldstar 1st January 1984
GRidPad 1910 GRid 1989
Grundy NewBrain AD Grundy 1982
Handspring Visor deluxe Handspring 14th September 1999
Hewlett Packard ThinkJet Hewlett Packard 1984
HP 9826 Hewlett Packard March 1981
HP 9826A Hewlett Packard 1981
HP 9836 Hewlett Packard 1983
HP OmniBook 300 Hewlett Packard 1993
Higrade HIG-286-20 Higrade Computers 23rd January 1991
HP1000 F Series - System A HP 1981
HP1000 F Series - System B HP 1971
JP Jornada 568 HP 1st September 2001
IBM 370/138 IBM 30th June 1976
IBM 5140 Convertable Computer IBM April 1986
IBM 5150 IBM 1st September 1981
IBM 5155 Portable Computer IBM 1st June 1984
IBM 5160 IBM 1st January 1983
IBM 5170 IBM 1984
IBM Displaywriter IBM 1980
IBM PS/1 IBM 1996
IBM PS/2 Model 30 IBM April 1987
IBM PS/2 Model 50 (8550) IBM October 1987
IBM PS/2 Model 70 IBM 1987
IBM PS/2 Model 80 (8580-071) IBM 2nd April 1987
IBM RS/6000 Model 550L IBM 1990
IBM RS/6000 SP2 - Deep Blue IBM 3rd May 1997
IBM ThinkPad 2523-710T IBM 1993
BT Merlin Tonto ICL 1985
ICL DRS8801 ICL 1983
ICL Microline 83A ICL 1st September 1983
ICL OPD One icl 1985
ICL Personal Computer Model 30 8120/05 ICL Unknown
ICL Personal Computer Model 30 8120/11 ICL 1981
ICL Personal Computer Model 36 ICL 1st June 1984
Intel MDS 80 - Microcomputer Development System Intel 1983
Intellec 8 Intel 1973
InterMedia Intermedia 13rd April 1989
Superbrain Intertec Data Systems 1979
ITT 2020 Apple II Europlus Clone ITT Unknown
ITT Director Programmable Controller ITT 21st July 1978
Jupiter Ace Jupiter Cantab 1st January 1982
Kaypro II Kaypro 1st March 1982
Kokusai KDS 7861 Kokusai February 1983
Sanco 7000 Logic Systems International 1979
Nascom Lucas 1977
Nascom 2 Lucas 1st December 1979
Nascom 2 Lucas 1st December 1979
Mattel Aquarius Mattel 1st June 1983
Memotech MTX500 Memotech 1983
Sam Coupe MGT 1st January 1983
Microworld Microbee Model II Microworld 1983
Microwriter AgendA Microwriter 1989
Microwriter MW4 Microwriter 1980
Mitel Superset 700 Mitel Unknown
MITS Altair 8800 MITS 1st January 1975
MITS Altair 8800b Turnkey MITS 1st October 1977
Mitsubishi MP 286L Mitsubishi October 1988
Micro-Professor EPB-MPF-1B Multitech 1984
SC/MP Development System National Semiconductor 1976
NEC PC-8001 BE NEC 1979
NEC PC-8300 NEC Corporation 1987
NEC PowerMate Portable Plus NEC Corporation Unknown
NEC Versa S/33 Laptop NEC Corporation Unknown
NCD 88K Network Computing Devices Unknown
NeXT Cube N1000 NeXT 1st January 1988
NMW Computer System NMW Unknown
Olivetti M10 Olivetti 1st January 1983
Hektor II Open University 1982
Oric 1 Oric 1st January 1983
Oric Atmos Oric 1st February 1984
Osborne 01 Osborne 1st January 1982
Osborne 1 Osborne 1st January 1981
Osborne 5 Osborne Unknown
CF-41 Personal Computer Panasonic 1995
Philips NMS 8245 MSX2 Philips 1st January 1986
Philips P2000 Philips 1st June 1981
Philips P354 Visible Records Computer Philips 1st June 1969
Psion Mobile Computer MC 400 Psion September 1989
Psion Organiser HC-120 Psion 1st January 1991
Psion Organiser II CM Psion 1st January 1986
Psion Organiser II LZ Psion 1st January 1989
Psion Organiser II XP Psion 1986
Psion Revo Psion 1999
Psion Series 3 Psion 1991
Psion Series 3A Psion 1993
Psion Series 3mx Psion 1998
Psion Series 5 Psion 1997
TRS-80 Microcomputer System Model I Radio Shack 1st January 1979
Tandy 1000 Professional computer Radio Shack 1984
Tandy Portable Wordprocessor WP-2 Radio Shack 1989
TRS-80 Microcomputer System Model III Radio Shack July 1980
TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-1 Radio Shack July 1980
RM 380Z (Black Case) RM Unknown
RM 380Z (light Blue Case) RM 1978
RM LINK 480Z RM 1st January 1981
S-100 Computer (1) S-100 1976
Sanyo MBC-1150 Sanyo 1984
Sanyo MBC-550 Sanyo 1st January 1984
SMS - Primary Computer Scientific Micro Systems Unknown
Unicorn Microcomputer SCL 1985
Minivac 601 SDC 1st October 1961
SGI 320 SGI 1st January 2000
SGI Indigo SGI 1st January 2000
SGI Origin 350 SGI April 2003
Sharp PC-1500 Sharp 1982
Sharp CS-1151 Compet Sharp 1976
Sharp MZ-700 Sharp 1st January 1983
Sharp MZ-80A Sharp 1982
Sharp MZ-80B Sharp April 1981
Sharp MZ-80K Sharp September 1980
Sharp PC-1211 Sharp 1980
Sharp PC-1211 Sharp 1980
Sharp PC-1246 Sharp 1st January 1984
Sharp PC-1251 Sharp 1982
Sharp PC-1360 Sharp 1987
Sharp PC-6200 Notebook Sharp 1st September 1990
Sharp PC-7200 Sharp 1987
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 Sinclair 1986
Cambridge Z88 Sinclair 1987
Sinclair PC200 Sinclair 1988
Sinclair QL Sinclair 1984
Sinclair ZX Spectrum + Sinclair 1st June 1984
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 Sinclair 1st June 1987
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128 Sinclair January 1986
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k Sinclair 1st March 1982
Sinclair ZX80 Sinclair 1st June 1980
Sinclair ZX81 Sinclair 1st June 1981
Sirius Model 457 Sirius 1982
Sirius Model 506 Sirius Unknown
Sirius Model 510 Sirius Unknown
Sony HB-75B - HitBit Sony 1st June 1984
CGL Sord M5 Sord 1982
Sord M5 Sord 1st June 1982
STC 3910 Executel STC Unknown
STC 3911 Executel STC 1984
Sun SPARCstation 1+ Sun 1989
Sun SPARCstation 5 Sun 1st January 1995
Sun Ultra 5 Sun 1st December 1997
LT/286 Laptop Tandon Unknown
Tandy 1100FD Laptop Computer Tandy November 1989
TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer Tandy Radio Shack 1983
TRS-80 Model 102 Portable Computer Tandy Radio Shack 1983
Tatung Einstein Tatung 1st January 1984
TeleVideo TS 1603 Computer System Televideo 1st April 1983
Microscribe Terminal Technology December 1983
Prototype Microscribe Text Editor Terminal Technology December 1983
TI-99/4A Texas Instruments 1st June 1981
Torch Hard Disc Computer Torch Unknown
Torch Quad X Torch Unknown
Torch Triple X Torch Unknown
Torch Triple X with Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse Torch Unknown
Toshiba HX-10 Toshiba 1983
Toshiba T1000 Toshiba Unknown
Toshiba T1100 Toshiba 1985
Toshiba T3100 Toshiba 1986
Toshiba T3100/20 Toshiba 1987
Toshiba T3100e Toshiba 1988
Toshiba T3200 Toshiba 1987
Toshiba T5200/100 Toshiba 1st June 1991
Toshiba Tecra 730CDT Toshiba 1996
Transam Triton Transam December 1978
Matmos PC Triumph-Adler 1983
Tulip PC Compact 2 Tulip 1988
Viglen Dissier 486 SD Viglen 1995
Vydec Exxon 1800 Series Word Processor Vydec 1982
Wang PC-S3-3 Wang Laboratories 1984
Xerox 820-II Xerox 1982
Xerox Diablo 3100 Xerox 1981
Yamaha CX5MII 128 Yamaha 1985
Zenith MasterSport 386SX Zenith Data Systems January 1992

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