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Our system has many useful features that will benefit your business. Whether you want to create a more professional image, have a national presence, manage your incoming calls more effectively or install disaster recovery for your phone lines we have the answer.
NMAC Technologies (Never Miss A Call) explained:
Call queuing for your business.
Call queuing for your business. If you have limited lines into your office we will queue the callers and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free, in effect this increases the number of lines available to you. Your customer will never hear the engaged tone again and you won't miss a call!
No maintenance and no licensing fees.
We maintain the service at no cost to you. We also cover the performing rights expense, another cost saving..
Missed call alert
Should a customer hang up when they are on hold we will send their phone number to your email address in seconds so you can call them back.  A major plus for customer service.
No capital expense
No need to buy an expensive PBX (PBX is a traditional switchboard).
Easy Answer Phone
If the caller has been on hold for more that 2 minutes or calls out of hours we give them the option to leave a voice mail. Once they have completed the message, we e-mail it to you in seconds. This makes it easy for you to listen to, forward and store. This feature is so much better that an old fashion answer phone.
Instantly re-routes your calls
If you move offices permanently, or just for a day or a week or even an hour, you can re-route all your calls to the new office. This can be done via a simple web page, and its INSTANT! In a disaster recovery situation you can re-route to an alternate location in seconds and continue to conduct business.
Powerful follow me and call distribution capabilities
If you work from more than one location or your company has multiple offices or employs home workers we can distribute your calls to any of three locations, ensuring that the call is answered by the first available operator regardless of their geographic location.
Line Identification Option
Each number you obtain can be configured for a different purpose e.g. sales, admin, support etc. When you answer the call you will hear a short message which will identify the call; such as "you have a sales call". This allows you to personalise the way in which you greet each caller. Home workers can identify between personal and business calls. This will become invaluable to you!
Web based control panel
Enter the user name and password you selected and then our simple control panel lets you update or amend your number settings. It takes seconds and is simple to use. You can update your settings whenever and as often as you like. Call our customer service desk during office hours if you have a question regarding the settings.
No cost to your business
There is no set up fee or rental fee for this product. There is no increase in your phone charges or your phone bill. It is 100% free for businesses, sole traders or home workers based in the UK that have less than 50 employees. We Guarantee this!
Free 0870 national rate number
Choose your own national number. Never have to change your telephone number again, no matter what part of the UK your business moves to. Get a BIG company feel with BIG company features.
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Client Testimonials
Naughty Napkins
"The Telwise System is brilliant... we now know exactly how to answer the call due to it's unique 'whisper' function and our customers are treated to on-hold music that we can choose! Features like these are normally only found in systems costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds! 
David Jones
I have been using a Telwise non-geographic number now for a while and I must say how impressed I have been with the amount of facilities the system offers! I have set up 5 different numbers for each of my businesses and even though all the numbers come through to my single office phone, when I pick the handset actually announces which business the call is for! I have never had the ability to do this before. Telwise has saved us 100's in line rental for other phone lines... they are now not needed!!!
Sally Taylor
I can't wait for Christmas so I can select the Christmas on-hold music.... Jingle all the way with Telwise!!! 



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